Diploma Papa giovanni XXIII – Eng

Papa Giovanni XXIII

Award released by

A.R.I. di Bergamo

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Award Manager IK2AHB Ezio

In memory of Pope John XXIII who was born in in the neighbour of Bergamo, A.R.I. Bergamo proposes a special award named “Diploma Papa Giovanni”.

This award may be claimed by any ham radio operators and SWLs who can produce evidence of contacts/hrd with ham radio operators associated to ARI Bergamo, Albino or Treviglio.


 – 10 points


 – 5 points

Any QSO with ham radio operators from Bergamo province will score 1 point on any band; any QSO/HRD may be repeated on other bands/modes scoring new points.

Modes allowed: SSB-CW-RTTY-Digimode and FM (cross linked systems such as repeaters are not allowed).

QSO/HRD with special call IQ2BG (operated by A.R.I. Bergamo members) will score 3 points.

Valid QSO/HRD starting after 00:00 utc since 1° maggio 1971.

Send you award applications by mail by sending your log extract + 10 Euros and addressing it to:

A.R.I. Bergamo

P.O. Box 8 ag. 15

24121 Bergamo

Do not forget your address to be able to send your award! QSL cards are not necessary at all.

Attachment: Diploma Papa Giovanni XXIII application form english


Al contacts/hrd with IQ2BG dated in the month of October 2008 will be valid for a special promotional occasion and Pope John Award will be sent to any application containing a QSO/HRD with IQ2BG + 2 other QSO/HRD with ham from Bergamo province.